Yammer, what is it and how can I use it in my classroom?

Yammer is described as a “social workspace” and is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. All students and staff members in CUSD 7 can access a secure, private Yammer network by logging into Yammer or +Office 365+ with their @cusd7.org accounts.

Yammer provides the ability to join or create custom forums called Groups through which students and staff members can ask questions, start discussions, share updates, upload helpful documents, and so forth.

Here are 15 top tips for using Yammer at your school
    1. Group Work – you have a secure space for teaching or project groups to communicate ideas, ask questions, share files, etc.
    2. Leaderboards – show data about who has contributed the most and received the most likes, replies, etc.
    3. Study help – students and teachers can help each other keep on track, both inside and outside the classroom.
    4. Question and poll facilities – students and teachers can give and receive quick feedback.
    5. Embed documents quickly and easily and share with those that need them.
    6. Use by email, tablet and phone apps. As part of Office 365, you can be always logged on.
    7. Praise – give a virtual ‘well done’ or pat on the back to students that have been helpful.
    8. Announcements – for the whole school, or individual groups.
    9. Students learn about cybersafety and safe social networking in a controlled environment.
    10. Have a staff only Yammer network – use as a noticeboard and information centre to help cut down on printing – and emails!
    11. Senior managers and other staff can easily see how students across the whole school and leave feedback and ideas for groups and individual students.
    12. Encourage participation with daily or weekly tips, quotes, or brainteasers!
    13. Use Yammer as a living, growing knowledge base – due to its ease of contributing content and powerful search functionality, everyone can contribute and find the content they need, when they need it.
    14. Virtual professional learning for staff – set up groups with resources, objectives and discussions on particular topics relevant to your staff development plan.
    15. Beyond the classroom – create Yammer groups for all areas of school life – Cheer, sports teams, clubs, FFA, Prom, etc…