Ben-Gil Dismissal Times/Locations 2021

KindergartenGroup A2:40pmEast Side (by office doors)
Transit (Blue & Pink)Group A2:40pmNorth Side (by gym doors)
4th GradeGroup B2:50pmNorth Side (Parking Lot)
5th GradeGroup B2:50pmNorth Side (by gym doors)
2nd GradeGroup C3:00pmNorth Side (by gym doors)
3rd GradeGroup C3:00pmNorth Side (Parking Lot)
1st GradeGroup C3:00pmEast Side (by office doors)

*Buses 3, 4, 15, 1 will dismiss at 2:50pm.

**Buses 5, 7, 10 will dismiss at 3:10pm.

PreK hours are:  AM    8:30-10:30

                              PM    11:45-1:45****Please note all siblings will be dismissed with the student that is scheduled to leave first OR with the younger student (if students are scheduled to leave at the same time)****