Gillespie CUSD #7 Remote Learning Plan Revised 4/15/2020

In the event that Gillespie CUSD #7 enacts remote learning days, the following plan will be adopted and put into effect:

· During remote learning, students will be provided assigned tasks from teachers. The assigned tasks provided will equate to no more than 5 hours of participation. Please refer to the document, “Recommended Student Participation Guidelines” on the district website for guidance. In order for teachers to verify participation and monitor progress, students will be required to turn in assignments and assigned tasks in a timely manner. All assignments will be graded on a pass/incomplete basis (please refer to page 2 for the complete grading policy).

-Teachers are available via their school email addresses. Please utilize the school’s website for your desired teacher’s email address.

· School counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, Title I service teachers, special education teachers, speech teachers and school nurses will be available to parents and students on remote learning days. These professionals may be accessed through their school email.

· Student assignments may be posted electronically and will be viewable via electronic device OR available by take-home packet. Students may complete the work electronically and email the work to the appropriate teacher OR complete the take- home packet to turn into the teacher.

· Please contact your school’s office for more information on how and when you would be able to obtain these materials. If a student does not have internet access, students and parents will be allowed to access the school parking lot areas to gain temporary WIFI access to download appropriate materials. It is imperative that students and parents remain in their vehicles and do not congregate on school property on off-site learning days.  Once materials have been downloaded, we kindly ask that you leave school grounds.

· To ensure the services of special education students, students with special needs will have assignments modified or provided based on their IEP goals from their special education teacher or related service provider. Special education teachers will be available via their school email.

· Gillespie CUSD #7 understands the importance of the breakfast and lunch programs and will continue to operate a meal distribution plan on a limited basis. Parents can pick up multiple days of breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. at Ben-Gil Elementary School.

· All extra-curricular events and school functions will be cancelled in the event of remote learning days. This includes but is not limited to practices, games, clubs, extra-curricular events, trips, or special events on these days. All school activities will be suspended until further notice.

· Communication for remote learning days will be ongoing and provided through the school’s all-call system, the school website, and the school Facebook page. Please check these communications frequently to receive the latest information.

·The administration in conjunction with Union leadership met and created the remote learning plan and a copy of the plan will be provided to Union membership for review of any collective bargaining negotiations necessary.

·After the implementation of the remote learning period, a survey will be sent to parents, staff, and students and feedback will be evaluated.

Grading Policy

  • Students have earned their 3rd Quarter grade
  • For students who complete the assigned 4th Quarter work, grades will be calculated two ways:
  1. If a grade improves that grade will be submitted as the semester grade
  2. If a grade does not improve, the semester grade will default to the 3rd Quarter grade
  • For students who do NOT complete the 4th Quarter work the following will occur:
  1. A grade of incomplete (I) will be issued on the student’s transcript for the second semester (Spring 2020)
  2. Students will be provided an opportunity to make up material to replace the incomplete grade once remote learning has ended

High school dual credit courses have different grading guidelines; if you have questions please contact the teacher or the high school of