A great time to be a student at GHS

This is a great time to be a student at Gillespie High School. The administration and board of education has supported the expansion of course offerings including those in the business program, led by newly hired Mr. Eric Bogle.

This expansion included a complete face lift of a dated computer lab, complete with a large touchscreen Active Panel by Promethean, new carpet, new desks, chairs and classroom layout. It also included the integration of updated / real-world use application courses such as graphic design courses with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and both courses are dual credit.

These courses teach students the design processes, marketing and graphic design, while student teams go through projects with their clients from start to finish. They use the same computer graphic programs used in business firms throughout the world. These project-based courses teach students the importance of working in teams, communication, leadership, and attention to detail.

Some of these projects (pictured below) include creating cell phone cases, amusement park maps, digital menu boards, logo design, photo restoration, posters, and product package design. Next year the business program expansion will continue with additional offerings such as Intro to Business, Intro to Marketing and Advanced Marketing. This will fully prepare the students for college entrance into a business program. Even for students not interested in a business career, these courses teach student valuable skills applicable in any work setting.