Student Achievement Letter

November 27, 2018

Dear CUSD#7 Friends,

Please allow me to take this opportunity to inform you about student performance on 2018 state assessments. District students took PARCC, Illinois Science, and SAT tests last spring assessing knowledge and mastery in English language arts, mathematics, and science. Students, teachers, administrators and support staff have worked tirelessly to improve instruction, align curriculum, build student confidence, and create positive learning environments.

This effort has paid positive dividends. Though test scores are only one indicator of student achievement, results can be used to assess effective instruction, curriculum, and assessment when compared to other school districts. District students tested in five different content areas: PARCC ELA, PARCC math, science, SAT ELA, and SAT math. The good news is district students exceeded the state average in 4 of the 5 categories with PARCC math being the one exception.

When comparing CUSD #7 to 19 other districts in Macoupin County, Regional Office of Education #40 (Macoupin, Jersey, Greene, and Calhoun counties), and the South Central Conference, district students were more than competitive as the following rankings indicate: SAT ELA – 1st,  PARCC ELA – 3rd, SAT Math – 4th, Science – 5th (tied), PARCC Math – 7th.


I write to you in part to provide information but more importantly to celebrate student and staff success. The entire CUSD #7 educational community should take pride in the dedication and effort put forth by all students, parents, administrators, teachers and support staff. Over the past several years I have asked all educators to adapt to different learning styles by implementing different instruction techniques, reviewing curriculum, and using creative assessments. The hard work continues to produce positive results.

Though pleased with this most recent performance, I continue to ask teachers and staff to take an innovative approach to student learning and look forward to continued success. Thanks to all that play a part in providing CUSD #7 students with an outstanding education.

Best Regards,


Joseph Tieman


Gillespie CUSD #7