Sunday May 17th Graduation Plans In-Case of Rain

Gillespie Graduates,

If Mother Nature decides not to work with us this Sunday (and at this point why would she?) we are prepared to host our “Graduation Photo Shoot” inside of the gym. 

  1. Students will be asked to use the bus lane and will drop off one student (and their immediate family) at the Breezeway.  At the regularly scheduled time.
  2.  The driver of that car will then pull their car around to LJ Avenue and park along the side of the building. 
  3. The driver will then be allowed to enter the gym through the side door of the gym (West Side of the gym).
  4.  Once the entire family is in the gym the graduate will have their name announced, will walk up the steps to the stage, pick up their diploma and pose for a picture.
  5. The graduate will then cross the stage, walk down the steps on the opposite side and will then have the opportunity to take a family picture with those who could be in the gym.
  6. Once the second photo is taken, the entire family will exit the West side gym door and leave the premises. 

**Note this plan will only be utilized if rain prevents us from being outside.  I hope to decide on where the ceremony will be taking place early Sunday Morning.

                                                                                    Thanks, and I’ll see everyone Sunday

                                                                                    R. Shane Owsley

                                                                                    Gillespie High School Principal