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Photo of Robert “Bob” Fulton, Jr.

Robert “Bob” Fulton, Jr.

2017 Inductee


Mr. Fulton a 1984 graduate of Gillespie High School has earned both a B.S. degree with a specialization in Genetic Engineering and an M.S. degree, both from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.  Mr. Fulton began his career as a geneticist at Wahington University, St. Louis, and in 1994 joined the McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI), where he serves as the Director of Project Development and Management.  Mr. Fulton has led the production-based targeted sequence efforts as well as the sequence improvement (finishing) pipelines responsible for the genome sequence refinement.  His skills and expertise are currently applied to the development of sequence-based strategies designed to answer critical questions associated with the use of genomics in the clinical and research environments and Mr. Fulton continues to be a leader in the target sequence efforts.  Mr. Fulto is a major leader in the Genome Reference Consortium and a key contributor to the maize genome and many of the primate genome projects.